Cake integrates additional features through plugins, and does not itself contain any files with additional features. So lightweight and powerful. And you can also use NexT’s plugin, go to Awesome NexT to see more plugins


The following are the plugins I have written, most of which are the original integrated functions of NexT, which I went out independently (# ̄~ ̄#)

Some other plugins may be helpful for you to use hexo

Some examples, if you want to write your own plugin, you can refer to


# use npm
npm i <plugin-name>
# or use yarn
yarn add <plugin-name>

The Cake plugin is very easy to install, just like the normal hexo plugin, the only difference is that it works on NexT or Cake themes (or other use injector2 plugin).

Other themes, if the user wants to use, please goto hexo-extend-injector2.